Artwork by the United Nations Covid-19 Response 2020

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Our world is adjusting to the impacts of this global Covid-19 pandemic, and it impacts all of our lives in different ways. Although this time presents many challenges, it also opens up a number of opportunities.

Brands that will succeed during these times of upheaval will be remarkable, inspirational, and purposeful ones (John Haugen, Managing Director, 301 Inc.; Mattson webinar May 2020) Consumers, now more than ever, are looking for trusted brands that deliver on taste and value. Successful brands will engage with their consumers in meaningful ways and seek their feedback.

How can you engage your brand with consumers?

One of the best ways to invest in your brand is to conduct consumer research with your consumers on your products.

ON-PREMISE: Do you have a tasting room or on-premise location where your consumers actively purchase or pick-up products? Do you serve tasting flights? Are you building a brand?

If so, then we have an easy to use DIY toolkit that you can use to conduct a simple consumer acceptance test, following best sensory practices to yield informative data. Consumers answer simple but powerful questions to allow you to benchmark your product versus . . . key competition, a more expensive/less expensive formulation, new ingredients, etc. This data will minimize your risks in decision making with results based on your consumers.


Gain feedback from your consumers in a way that values the scientific approach but that can be conducted economically and in an engaging way with consumers. Results yields data for that next step in your product launch reformulation efforts. Test with your loyalists and then, if desired, compare to an opportunity target to understand the product’s potential, with real (off-premise) consumers.

Our DIY kit is a paper and pencil activity that can easily be converted to digital data collection, once you see the value from a couple of studies. Consumers are thrilled to be back outside, enjoying their favorite establishments, and engaging in ways that will reinforce their connections with your brand.

Dragonflyght will provide you with real data, from your consumers. We will provide our simple Flyghtplan, and we will be there with you, to guide you on your first study.

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