“I especially love Dragonfly SCI’s mission of leveling the playing field by empowering smaller producers with these incredibly valuable tools.”  July 2018, Product Marketing Expert.

Understanding and monitoring the sensory experience of your product is essential for long-term brand building and marketplace success. We use small data to empower leadership and development teams in making informed decisions. This can range from issues such as which varieties to plant, changes in soil conditions, growing and harvesting techniques, global sources of ingredients, and a host of other product issues. Determine which variables under your control have the greatest impact on product performance, starting in the field, through to the finished product, including stability testing and quality control issues.

If you are a small producer wanting to develop and commercialize your product, call us. We help leadership teams fingerprint the sensory experience with a common language to map your original product versus the large scale commercialized product. The quantitative descriptive analysis provides the development team with a data-driven feedback loop to help them understand the impact of processes, raw ingredients, storage, and other factors on the sensory experience of the product. Define and deliver your product vision.

The bottom line: Our goal is to use hard data to help the entrepreneur and artisan/craft producers understand the product during scale-up, and compete more effectively in the marketplace.

We work with your team to understand and map the most desired sensory experience. Your product could be made using different raw ingredients, different processing techniques, and a whole host of other issues that may (or may not!) impact your final product. Consumers have a lot of choices so if they LOVE your product, make sure you can deliver this each and every time while cost optimizing ingredients.

Call us and find out if Dragonfly SCI tools can be adapted to your situation!