Dragonflyght™ is our approach to gaining robust and predictive consumer input on-premise or point of sale.  We have combined the best methodologies from formal sensory and consumer science to create a fast, flexible, and agile approach for entrepreneurs, artisans, and a wide variety of craft industries. Traditional research used by the Fortune 100/multinational organizations can be cost prohibitive. The Dragonflyght™ methodology is designed to bring a high level of robustness to smaller companies without the high price tag. We want to put tools into the hands of the entrepreneurs and help train you and your staff on how to gather meaningful sensory and consumer data in your location. Test with your consumers and your products,  benchmark versus competition, test concepts, labels, pricing, and discover opportunities to create broad appeal products.

The Dragonflyght™ program is a cost-effective and efficient approach to sensory and consumer research, provides the necessary environmental context, tracks consumer spend that ties into the tasting flights, and the results will provide you with rich and hard data on which to make your business decisions.

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We will give you a Flyghtplan™ and help you organize a Flyghtnight™ at your location! Fast, easy, cost-effective, and fun for your consumers.